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MemberHub is made for all kinds of small nonprofits, groups and individuals that want to engage their supporters and raise funds with less work.

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MemberHub is built for K-12 group success

MemberHub for PTAs

MemberHub for PTAs

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Over 12,500 K-12 parent groups trust MemberHub to engage families and raise funds for their schools.

K-12 groups like PTAs and PTOs use MemberHub to:

  • Keep families in the loop with an easy newsletter builder.

  • Connect their community, and manage volunteers and events.

  • Sell memberships, spirit wear, and more online.

  • Raise funds - while keeping more, working less, and getting expert help from end to end.

  • Reward their supporters with savings through Givebacks.

  • And more!

Get started

MemberHub PTAs that used their e-Store to sell memberships online saw an average membership growth of 22%, with some schools seeing as much as 350% increases. 

Are you a PTA new to MemberHub?

If your state PTA has partnered with MemberHub and you want to learn more, visit the PTA welcome page or sign up for a workshop or 1:1 meeting

"As first-year users of MemberHub, it really could not have been easier. ... Our parents like the centralized approach of MemberHub - a one-stop-shop for all the information they need to know."   
                       -Laura S., PTSA President

MemberHub helps all types of groups & nonprofits

Many types of organizations, associations, and groups use MemberHub. That includes:

  • K-12 groups, such as PTAs & PTOs

  • Preschools

  • Classrooms

  • Associations

  • Sports teams

  • Booster clubs

  • Activity groups

  • Churches
  • Membership organizations

  • Nonprofits

  • Individuals

  • Just to name a few!

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As more organizations that are related to a school or a community take advantage of MemberHub, all members can easily switch between accounts to manage their activities, donate to causes they support, and keep up to date on all of their groups.

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School & IT administrators: MemberHub is safe & secure

Site access by approval only

Only people approved by site admins can access your group's MemberHub site. 

We don't solicit your members

MemberHub doesn't solicit members of your organization. We only contact site admins about features, products, etc.

Users have control over their data

Users are empowered to manage all their personal information, notification settings, and visibility.

We never sell or share user data

MemberHub never sells contact lists or shares personally identifiable data. See terms of use & privacy policy.

FERPA standards

Because users control their profile visibility, the system maintains compliance with FERPA standards.

We secure your data

MemberHub takes every commercially available opportunity to maintain the privacy & security of user data & financial info. 

Secure payment processing

Stripe is MemberHub’s payment processor. Stripe uses bank-level security to protect financial information. 
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Teachers delight families with one predictable place to receive important classroom communication

Teachers send messages that parents don't want to miss.


Teachers who use MemberHub to communicate with their classroom families give parents one predictable location to get important class news, conference signups, volunteer opportunities, and more - reducing missed messages and confusion that come with too many cobbled-together apps.

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 Parents really  want to be involved. ... MemberHub  opens up the lines of communication.”     - Sara, Teacher

Supporters manage activities without the headache

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Chasing down important information about your group's activities, volunteer needs, and schedule can be a drain on your time and energy.


MemberHub puts everything you need in one predictable place. No more logging in to multiple apps for communication, signups, fundraisers, ticketing and more.

MemberHub puts agency in the hands of our parents.”
                                                            - Lori L., PTA President
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Smart tools that power the cause you love

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