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No-cost, non-intrusive product fundraisers

Get up and running in 5 minutes, and reward your supporters with discounts on products and services they'll actually use.
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Use plug-and-play tools to reward supporters with savings 
Just send a few emails and you're done

Get your product fundraiser up and running in 5 minutes. Just add products to your store, send a few emails, and you're good to go!

No handing out catalogs, collecting and distributing product orders, or waiting for your money. Everything happens automatically in your MemberHub store.

Create value for supporters, your cause, and your community

Product fundraisers in MemberHub create value like no other fundraiser.

  • Reward your supporters with savings on food, gift cards, and products and services they'll actually use.

  • Help your community by supporting local businesses!

  • Your organization gets money back on every purchase.

You won't be asking for money; you'll be rewarding supporters.
Product fundraisers in MemberHub are non-intrusive and allow you to help your supporters save money on things they need. No one will have to sell products to friends, work colleagues or family. 

Your quick weeklong fundraiser won't burden supporters (or you!).

Smart tools that power the cause you love

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