Live online workshops. 

Join any of our free 30-minute workshops to connect with our team and learn. You can also  click here to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting.

We also offer PTA-specific trainings for introductions, membership, compliance, and more.

Welcome to MemberHub

Designed for new state launches, in this session, we will introduce you to the various modules your MemberHub site has and how to get started. We will review PTA compliance areas and remitting your state dues payments. 

Store Setup with Live Q&A

Learn to use all the features of your MemberHub Store module to sell memberships, spirit wear, and more. Track inventory, setup a website and subscribe to Givebacks. 

Fundraisers Overview & Organization Setup

Learn about the different types of fundraising campaigns, see a live example and learn how to get started with this module.  Learn how to register your organization, create your own branding, and see what types of funding options are available.

Newsletters - Sending Newsletters to Engage Your School Community

It's now way easier to send beautiful emails to your families with the introduction of Newsletters in MemberHub's early 2021 release. Learn how to use templates and customize your Newsletter design. How to use campaigns for similar Newsletter types and explorer insights like send rate, open, clicks, and unsubscribes.

Product Release:  Newsletters, Dashboard, and Compliance Document Storage

It's about to get way easier to send beautiful emails to your families and navigate your MemberHub account. Our early 2021 release includes a new look and enhanced Newsletters feature! Join us for a product release overview.

MemberHub for Treasurers with Live Q&A

In this live workshop, we will go over how Store 2.0 has enhancements that make reporting and account reconciliation a breeze for treasurers including Stripe payout reports paying your state dues online.

Best Practices for Promoting Your Fundraiser

Perhaps the most crucial element to successful online fundraising is properly spreading the word and helping your community find out why and where to help you reach your goal!

Effective PTA Communication in a Pandemic School Year With Live Q&A

How to effectively use MemberHub to reach all of your PTA families whether learning in-person or online. Sending messages/newsletters, creating and utilizing Hubs and using the MemberHub Calendar.

Givebacks Introduction with Live Q&A

Feature special offers from local businesses in your MemberHub e-store, and get up to 20% of all sales donated back. Givebacks is the best passive fundraiser ever!

Fundraisers: Events & Auctions

Learn how to run your next event registration or auction. This deep dive explores registration options, discount codes and bidding options for Auctions.

Fundraisers: A-thons & Crowdfunding

Take a detailed walkthrough of A-thons and Crowdfunding setup as well as how they work with Team Fundraising.

Fundraisers: Raffles & Sweepstakes

Explore the differences between online Raffles and Sweepstakes, how your school can run one within legal parameters of your state.

How to Create Your Public MemberHub Website

Introducing your new website builder, integrated with your MemberHub account. No experience necessary. In this workshop with live Q&A, we'll show you how to build your own website.

Communications & Advanced Hub Use

An overview of the communications features including hubs, newsletters, signups, text messaging and more.

How to Grow & Sell PTA Memberships Online

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way schools and PTAs look this fall. Without traditional back-to-school nights or open houses, you may be looking for new ways to sell and promote your PTA memberships. In this workshop with live Q&A, we'll show you how your MemberHub store can help.  

End of School Year Transition

As your PTA board and families changes for next school year, we can help guide you through some of the transition tasks. From adding new PTA Officers to clearing out hubs.

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