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Fundraisers you know and love, but better

Keep almost 100% of what you raise, expert help included
Benefits of virtual fundraisers in MemberHub

Text-to-Give and Mobile Giving

Your supporters can give from any device by browser, text-to-give, and Apple Pay/Google Pay.

Step-by-Step Expert Guides with Pro Tips

Our experts have drawn on their experience with thousands of nonprofit fundraisers to put together playbooks that walk you through building amazing fundraisers. You can also set up a call to get their personal help setting up your fundraiser!

Flat Platform Fee or No Platform Fee

Depending on the fundraiser, you can choose a flat platform fee on all donations, or no platform fee at all. In that case, optional small tips at checkout allow us to rely on the generosity of supporters, so your cause won't have to help cover software development costs. Learn more.

Get Fun Prizes With No Upfront Cost

Use your own prizes or pick one out from our partner, with no upfront costs. See available prize packages.

Go Completely Virtual or Supplement In-Person Events

MemberHub fundraisers are super flexible, allowing you to hold all-virtual fundraisers or to boost your in-person events with online payments, communications, and self-management for participants.

Ditch the Paper!

When you hold a virtual fundraiser or add virtual components to your in-person event, everything is easier.

  • Take pledges and payment online, without having to create paper forms, or take cash and checks.
  • Spread the word with digital tools and a beautiful campaign page. Prewritten email templates take the guesswork out of communication!
  • Make supporters happy with a central location to find all of your fundraiser information, and an easy way to make pledges and donate.

Minimize the Work & Get Help From an Expert

With virtual tools, you won't need so many committees and volunteers. When you do need help, remember that MemberHub is your first volunteer! Simply set up a call, and our experts will help you plan and set up your fundraiser.

Prewritten Email Templates for Every Fundraiser

MemberHub comes with a series of prewritten email templates for every type of fundraiser, already loaded into your account. Simply use the easy instructions to customize, schedule, and send emails to your supporters. These built-in email campaigns suggest specific days to send the emails, and you can quickly see how your emails performed, with data on opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. With prewritten communications, you can cut down on almost ALL the work involved in crafting and sending emails for your fundraiser.

Keep almost 100% of what you raise

Fundraisers are included with your MemberHub account, and give you flexibility when it comes to platform fees that help cover software development costs. Choose between free or percent-pricing options for your next fundraiser.
Flat fee

Sometimes free pricing isn’t a good fit – for instance, when a sponsor covers the costs or you don’t want supporters prompted for tips after checkout. 


Percent pricing is an alternative! A fixed 4.9% (crowdfunding, events & auctions), or 7.9% (raffles, sweepstakes & a-thons) is applied to each donation, and you decide who covers the cost.


There are zero platform fees when you use our free pricing model for crowdfunding, events, raffles, sweepstakes & a-thons. Optional tips from supporters at checkout allow us to offer the platform free of charge.

There are no subscriptions, no contracts, and no upfront cost. Our free pricing helps you keep nearly 100% of the funds you raise.

Stripe will deduct 2.2% + $0.30 to process each credit card transaction. You can cover that fee or pass it on to purchasers. 

Our executive board was meeting while the MemberHub auction request was made, and responded to. We began setting up our auction in the meeting ... an unexpectedly quick turnaround, and a great benefit."

- Becka C., PTA Secretary


Boost participation among supporters with your creative a-thon fundraiser - walk-a-thons, reading-a-thons, or anything-a-thons.

Effortless fundraising

Take pledges per-lap, per-hour, per-anything. Add unlimited participants and manage your goals and donations from a single dashboard.


Simple pledges

Your supporters enjoy a simple checkout experience when pledging. They can choose easy per-unit pledge or make a flat donation.


Automated collection

No more manually collecting funds! When your a-thon fundraiser ends, the platform automatically charges your supporters.

Maximize pledges

Increase pledges with social sharing and dedicated links.

Automate everything from pledge collections to emails.

Inspire action with prizes attached to pledge goals.

Make your a-thon one-of-a-kind

Create a branded page for your a-thon fundraiser.

Add teams and leaderboards to inspire competition.

Run any a-thon imaginable with unlimited participants.



Quickly and easily launch unforgettable online raffles.

Customize & manage your raffle

Manage your raffle from a personalized dashboard.

Add teams, leaderboards and individual page functionality.

Automatically draw raffle winners or do it yourself.

Boost fundraising

Use mobile giving, social sharing and text-to-give.

Create custom printed tickets for your raffle experience.

Choose a great prize from our partner, or use your own.


Simple ticketing

Enjoy best-in-class raffle ticket options for your fundraiser. Sell online and printed tickets to customize your campaign.

Flexible prizes

Get unlimited prize flexibility for your raffle experience. Provide your own, or choose a package from our partner’s prize catalog.


Drawing options

Choose exactly when, how and where you draw your winners. Select an automated or manual raffle drawing to suit your needs.



Easily create amazing online auctions that keep bidders coming back.

Custom options

Create first-class auction pages with customizable features. Choose between two popular auction styles for greater impact.

Easy online bidding

Set minimum bids and increments for each of your auction items. Your bidders can easily bid online or through their mobile phones.


Outbid alerts

Encourage higher bids with an innovative outbid alert system. When a bidder is outbid, they’ll receive an alert instantly.

Easily create & run auctions

Run English (traditional) or Proxy (eBay-style) auctions.

Upload items, create alerts and monitor bidding.

Winning bidders are automatically charged.

Easy payments & great rewards

Use text-to-bid, social sharing and mobile giving.

Create multiple quantities per item and item groups.

Add auction prizes from our partner, or use your own.



Launch and run compelling crowdfunding campaigns.

Inspire participation

Manage participants with a personalized member center.

Add dedicated team pages to maximize campaign reach.

Inspire competition with built-in fundraising leaderboards.

Boost success

Use text-to-give, social sharing and mobile giving features.

Get secure payments and automated donor receipts.

Encourage higher donation levels with tiered incentives.

Custom pages

Create a fully branded crowdfunding page in just a few clicks. Add your logo, images, colors and content to match your style.

Donation incentives

Get creative and add donation incentives to your campaign. Encourage giving by offering incentives for higher donations.

Personal thank you

Customize the thank-you emails sent to each supporter. Each email provides a receipt for tax-deductibility purposes.



Create and run professional fundraising sweepstakes experiences online.

Branded pages

Easily create a beautiful sweepstakes page, branded with your logo, domain, colors and content. Built-in FAQ and official rules.

Flexible prizes

Enjoy complete flexibility to present your prize options. Create tiered donation entry levels, and optionally add merchandise.

Automatically compliant

The system randomly draws winners in compliance with sweepstakes requirements. Choose how to notify all the participants.

Easy to run

Manage your sweepstakes from a personalized dashboard.

Enable teams, leaderboards, and participant pages.

Automatically draw random winners or do it yourself.

Boost participation

Use mobile giving, social sharing and text-to-give.

Create tiered entry levels with incentive merchandise.

Choose a great prize from our partner, or use your own.



Create incredible event fundraisers that leave a lasting impact.

Simple event management

Manage check-ins and event reports from your dashboard.

Let attendees register and donate online from any device.

Allow teams and members to sell tickets for your event.

Custom options

Use text-to-register, social sharing, and mobile giving.

Create custom-printed tickets for your event.

Add unlimited FAQs to answer common attendee questions.

Customized events

Choose from a range of event registration options. Customize how attendees register and what information you collect.

Innovative ticketing

Tap into a host of innovative ticketing features to enrich your event. Set exclusive ticket types, pricing, and time and quantity parameters.

Smart management

Manage your event check-ins and donations. Get instant notifications when attendees register for your event.


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