Our registrations increased by 217% — and we saw 35% overall growth in registrations at the school. We will definitely use [MemberHub's digital sponsorships] in the future to promote youth soccer!” 

- Stacy, Director of Marketing, North Carolina FC Youth


Support your local schools and grow your business’s reach through digital sponsorships in MemberHub.

MemberHub offers a special program for businesses and brands to sponsor school-related fundraising organizations (like PTAs, PTOs, and boosters), through digital email sponsorships. Sponsors help these organizations by funding operating costs that are typically not covered by school districts. 

Common local businesses that sponsor schools are those that benefit children and families - such as dentists, orthodontists, daycares, real estate agents, summer camps, tutors, and more. 

There are many benefits of email sponsorship for your business:

  • School emails are 2.5 times more likely to be read than other types of emails. Some schools have over 1 million ad impressions (views) a year!

  • You’ll get your message straight to school families.

  • Your sponsor spots link directly to your site or landing page. Many businesses design special promotions for their spots to maximize the opportunity.

  • Your business gets recognized as a proud school supporter, and you build your brand among families, teachers, and other community members.

If you're part of a business interested in sponsoring local groups - or a brand interested in sponsoring schools and groups regionally or nationally, request information below. We'll follow up with you soon.

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