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Build powerful, creative raffles that your donors will love

Quickly and easily launch unforgettable online raffles.

Simple ticketing

Enjoy best-in-class raffle ticket options for your fundraiser. Sell online and printed tickets to customize your campaign.

Flexible prizes

Get unlimited prize flexibility for your raffle experience. Provide your own, or choose a package from our partner’s prize catalog.

Drawing options

Choose exactly when, how and where you draw your winners. Select an automated or manual raffle drawing to suit your needs.

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Customize & manage your raffle

Manage your raffle from a personalized dashboard.

Add teams, leaderboards and individual page functionality.

Sell numbered tickets to donors, then randomly draw a prize winner.

Automatically draw raffle winners or do it yourself. 

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Boost fundraising

Use mobile giving, social sharing and text-to-give.

Sell online & printed tickets for your raffle experience.

Choose a great prize from our partner, or use your own.

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What you'll get

✔️ No contracts

✔️ Live-streaming capabilities

✔️ Online or printed ticket options

✔️ Automated or manual raffle drawing

✔️ Option of available prizes

✔️ Individual team pages

✔️ Leaderboards

✔️ Customized thank you emails

✔️ Mobile-friendly experience



✔️ Online payments

✔️ Reporting and tracking dashboard

✔️ Manual entry of cash and check

✔️ Automated payment to you (no waiting for your money!)

✔️ Text to give

✔️ Mobile giving

Sharing and promotion

✔️ Customizable branding on fundraising website

✔️ Email, text, and Facebook sharing

✔️ Automated follow-up emails to donors


✔️ Live chat

✔️ Live software training

✔️ Support center

Year-round technology/donor management

✔️ Automatically add all donors to contact database

✔️ Year-round access to all fundraisers: a-thons, auctions,

crowdfunding, events, raffles, sweepstakes

✔️ Online store

✔️ Built-in product fundraisers

✔️ Stripe account integrated with fundraisers and store

✔️ Email & newsletter capabilities integrated with CRM

✔️ Contact directory and calendar


Platform fee (choose one)

with optional donor tip


of money raised

No setup fees.
Live support included. 
Year-round donor management software included.

Stripe credit card fees: 2.2% + $0.30 or 3.5% + $0.50 (Amex)

Smart tools that power the cause you love

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