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Your PTA/PTO should take three essential steps for back-to-school

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Engage your community and make sure you get members this year without in-person events.

So you're not a tech wizard. Or you haven't had time to think about virtual options for communication and fundraising.

No biggie. And you're not alone.

It's super easy to start now in MemberHub, where everything's right there to help you be successful this year. (And we're here for you, too.)

Just do these three actions, and you'll be ahead of the game for this year.

1. Sell memberships online.

Why this is important: If you're like most PTAs/PTOs, you sign up new members at school events in August and September, including orientation or back-to-school night. This year, most events are canceled.

If you give your parents easy access to join and pay dues virtually, they will do it.

Why MemberHub? It's ridiculously easy, and it saves you a lot of time and hassle.

When parents buy PTA memberships in your e-store:

  • Their info is added to your contact database. No manually entering data.

  • Their membership info is automatically reported to your state PTA. No dealing with spreadsheets.

  • Shoppers get their membership card in their electronic receipt. No printing and cutting cards.

  • Money from store purchases is automatically routed to your PTA's bank account. No cash, checks, or trips to the bank.

How to do it in MemberHub: Follow these steps to get started in your store and add memberships.

2. Get your contacts in one place.

Why this is important: It's a nightmare to key in contact information from paper forms, export and upload lists into different programs, and never be sure you have it all together. The more of your community you engage, the more good you can do for your school - especially this year.

Why MemberHub? You'll get freedom from dealing with multiple lists in multiple apps. This is one of the biggest advantages of using MemberHub. It's easy to invite families to join your MemberHub site by buying a membership online or going to your site joins link. You can also easily import your contacts into MemberHub.

Once you do that, no more dealing with it. Your supporters are empowered to update their own information and profiles. And everything you need to engage your community and raise funds for your school is all there in MemberHub, connected to your contact database.

How to do it in MemberHub: Follow these steps to add contacts to MemberHub.

3. Start communicating.

Why this is important: The PTA/PTO is the glue that keeps parents connected when there are no meetings or events. Families will expect to hear from your PTA this year, and it's easier than you think to get started with regular emails.

Why MemberHub? When you have your contacts in MemberHub, you'll be sending emails & text, newsletters and more with the click of a few buttons.

How to do it in MemberHub: Start with regular schoolwide emails - and start small, letting parents know key dates, how to join the PTA and how they can help! Here's how to get started, plus sample emails.


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Interested in learning more about MemberHub for your organization?

Set up a 1:1 with a member or our customer success team - they're all MemberHub power users and PTA leaders. Go >>

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