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What is an A-Thon and how does it work?

Earlier this month, we launched a new set of Fundraising features in MemberHub. Due to school closures across the country during COVID-19, we wanted to figure out a way to help our organizations host their spring fundraisers online and help families in need.

Through MemberHub Fundraising, you can simplify your fundraising with unique experiences that include a virtual audience. That’s right, a virtual audience.

Now, you don’t have to worry about specific dates and times to host a fundraising event - and you don't need a ton of volunteers. Through MemberHub, you can host a fundraiser for your organization while watching Netflix and folding laundry.

What is an A-Thon?

You may be wondering, “What is an A-Thon?” Don’t worry, we got the breakdown for you. We also have a variety of articles to help you on the way within our Support Center.

“A-Thon fundraising refers to an event-style fundraiser that brings in donations from friends and family who want to support your students and school. These individual donations, ranging from small gifts to large sponsorships, add up to big funds by the end of your fundraiser.” Source: Google

Running an a-thon online allows you to hold a “pledge-per” fundraiser without the need for paper forms or tracking people down for payments.

How Does an A-Thon Work?

An A-Thon works like this:

  • Supporters visit your fundraiser page and donate to a participant in your A-Thon.

  • Supporters can pledge a certain amount per each unit of activity completed; for example, they might agree to donate $5 per mile in a walk-a-thon, or $3 per word successfully completed in a spell-a-thon.

  • If supporters prefer, they can also make a flat, one-time donation.

  • After the a-thon, supporters' credit cards are charged per unit of activity they pledged.

Great examples:

  • Book-A-Thon: how many books read

  • Walk-A-Thon: laps or distance completed

  • Dance-A-Thon: hours/time danced


Fun Variations: Add Team Fundraising and Prizes

An a-thon can have a single participant performing the activity, or you can add team/peer-to-peer fundraising to allow more than one participant to raise funds on your campaign. When team fundraising is enabled, each participant and team will receive their own personal fundraising page to share with their network.


To spur some friendly competition and excitement for your A-Thon, you can also offer prizes to participants to award them for their fundraising efforts. Or, for a less competitive approach, consider offering a prize for anyone who raises a set amount, such as $5, so everyone is a winner.

Everything You Need to Know About A-thons

  • "What you need to know about A-thons" breaks down all the key points of what you need to know before you start hosting your A-Thon.

  • Not sure if hosting an A-thon is the right fundraiser for you? MemberHub has a variety of fundraising options for you such as: Raffles, Events, Crowdfunding, Sweepstakes, and Auctions. View more information and the list of fundraising options.

  • Getting ready to host an A-Thon? Follow this Step by Step Guide!

  • Now, the question is, “How can I make sure this A-Thon will be a success?" Guess what? We have tips for that!

  • Now, your A-Thon is in full swing. Logging activity results is key to accomplishing your fundraiser's goals. Get the lowdown on entering results.

  • Last but not least… How to finalize your A-Thon fundraiser

A Perfect Pair: Scholastic Virtual Book Fair + Book-A-Thon

Scholastic + MemberHub are bringing new literacy solutions to help families, students, and PTAs during school shutdowns.

  • Scholastic has created a Virtual Book Fair where parents can get books their kids want and need to read while helping schools raise funds.

  • You can use your MemberHub A-Thon feature to hold a Book-A-Thon that will engage and motivate kids to keep reading at home while raising much-needed funds to support schools and families in need.

Log in today to set up your A-Thon>>

How to complete your one-time account setup with MemberHub Fundraisers.

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