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So Happy Together

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

The long-awaited return of in-person events just got better! The new and dramatically improved MemberHub Pay App is here. With the MH Pay app and a credit card swiper (order it from your store settings page!), you can sell anything in person. And now, all order details, inventory tracking, and memberships are saved in your site just like like online orders. And all info still gets added to your contacts! Look at what else you can do:

Sell concessions at your event!

Wow, it feels good to see people in person again, doesn't it? Keep the good cheer going by selling refreshments at your next event. It's easy! Just create a category in your store and add your concession items with the visibility set to MH Pay only. At the event, you just add the items to the cart that people want to enjoy, then swipe with your credit card reader! Everything is tallied automatically. Cheers!

Sell your spirit wear!

We don't know about you guys, but we didn't do much clothes shopping over the past 2 years. And we could really use some fun new t-shirts. We bet your supporters feel the same way! So, sell your spirit wear at your next event using MH Pay. At the event, just select the item from your store, add to cart, and swipe! And you don't have to tally up inventory afterward. The new app handles all of that for you!

Collect admission fees

Easily charge at the door! You can create an item in your store for this or you can use the quick payment feature to enter the value of each entry. Let the good times roll!

Preview the amazing new app below!

Choose from any item in your store, including memberships, and the new app will keep track of all inventory. Add additional donations at checkout. It couldn't be easier! Your store just leveled up.

NOTE: the MH Pay App is for MemberHub admin use only for the purpose of selling store items in person with the use of a credit card swiper.

NOTE: MemberHub Pay is currently only available on iOS.

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