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PTA/PTO Leaders, Give Up These 9 Manual Tasks Now

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Courtesy announcement: If you love any of the tasks on this list, don't read any more of this post. (We'll catch up next week after all your work is done.)

Manual tasks for PTA/PTO leaders:

  1. Piecing together your contact email list every year

  2. Figuring out what to write and design for weekly newsletters

  3. Spending hours planning and inviting people to simple events or meetings

  4. Figuring out who is and isn't willing to volunteer

  5. Setting up multiple fundraisers in person and on multiple platforms

  6. Asking supporters for money

  7. Collecting payments, distributing orders, and reconciling money

  8. Gathering, depositing, and recording cash, checks, and paper forms

  9. Keeping track of compliance tasks (for PTAs)

Don't adore something on that list? We've got you covered!

Recent enhancements in MemberHub make it even easier to complete what used to be pretty time-consuming (and not that fun) parts of your volunteer job. Read on for more.

If you ever feel like the tools you use to communicate with your supporters are stuck in the 90s, there's a better way in MemberHub. Here's why.

1. Your contact list builds itself.

Before MemberHub, you:

  • Relied on fliers in backpacks to reach families.

  • Pieced together contact lists from multiple sources to email families.

  • Wanted to reach everyone who has made a purchase or donation to your organization - but they weren't all on your existing contact list.

  • Were never totally sure that you reached everyone who is expecting to hear from you.

With MemberHub:

  • When people make purchases in your store or donate to a fundraiser, they're automatically added to your contact list.

  • You can easily import all your contacts to get started communicating.

  • Your contact list is customizable and easy to navigate and sort. With hubs, custom saved filters, family view, year-end expiration, and more, you can easily message the correct people and save and clean your lists.

  • Your contacts can control the information they want to share in your Directory.

2. You get beautiful, no-skills-needed emails and newsletters.

Before MemberHub: It took hours to write and design nice-looking, engaging newsletters to families - and you were never quite sure if they worked.

With MemberHub:

  • Easily work with drag-and-drop templates and prewritten promotional emails - no coding or html knowledge required.

  • Once you have a template you like, simply modify it each week with the new content.

  • Get a free, searchable image library of stock photos.

  • Monitor engagement with metrics like opens, clicks and unsubscribes.

  • With a few clicks, add products from your online store to your newsletter.

  • Stay in touch with your contacts in multiple ways: text, email, Remind, social media, etc.

  • No fees!

3. Simple meetings & events are actually simple to organize.

Before MemberHub: You used a hodgepodge of tools to plan simple events and invite supporters. Not that simple.

With MemberHub:

  • Create an event and invite everyone, certain contacts, or certain hubs.

  • Anyone can access event invites on a public page.

  • Everyone can RSVP and specify their number of attendees.

  • You can then easily export all the info.

4. Recruiting and managing volunteers doesn't have to be painful.

Before MemberHub: You were constantly fishing for volunteers, without being sure who has the time or willingness to help.

With MemberHub:

  • Using custom properties, people can self identify or be marked as a volunteer in your contact list. You'll know exactly whom to go to when you need help!

  • Manage volunteers with our best-in-class signup partner no log in required for participants.

There are so many one-off choices for fundraising, it can be really overwhelming. MemberHub provides everything you could need in one account, all included.

5. These fundraisers get the job done & they're all yours.

Before MemberHub: Setting up fundraisers with multiple parts (like an event with an auction or raffle) meant setting up multiple online accounts and sending supporters to different places to donate or make purchases for a single event. Too. much. work.

With MemberHub:

  • Collect registrations, fees, and donations easily in one place.

  • You can combine auctions, raffles, and other types of fundraising in one event, with optional livestreaming.

  • Do all-virtual events or use the online tools to make your in-person event more successful - amplify your reach and fundraising results!

  • You get step-by-step playbooks with best practices for every fundraiser type.

  • You don't have to hunt for prizes with MemberHub's partner prize catalog.

  • All fundraisers come included in your account. We only make money when you do. No need to give away 25% to 50% of your earnings. With MemberHub, fundraisers come with a simple 7.5% flat fee, or you can choose no fees at all, with an optional donation at checkout to help cover software development costs.

6. You don't have to ask for money; instead, reward your supporters with savings.

Before MemberHub: It felt like you were always asking supporters for money, with no real upside for them.

With MemberHub:

  • Use built-in product fundraisers to reward supporters with savings on things they want and need - while getting money donated back on every purchase.

  • No sourcing inventory (wrapping paper, cookie dough) for product fundraisers that supporters feel obligated to buy and sell.

  • Hold one-week seasonal shopping events that come pre-made for you, with great inventory that ships directly to recipients (like flowers for Valentine's day, mask bundles, teacher appreciation gifts), prewritten emails to send to supporters, and NO planning required!

Collecting payments and selling spirit wear (or anything else) does not have to be complicated. The flexible online store in MemberHub is straightforward and super easy to use.

7. Collect payments and sell anything, the EASY way.

Before MemberHub: Collecting payments and distributing orders for things like spirit wear, tickets, and other items, and reconciling money from different sources of payment was ... a lot.

With MemberHub:

  • Your online store makes it super simple to sell anything and collect payments.

  • It's easy to create items in your online store.

  • Your supporters can shop anytime, at their convenience.

  • You don’t have to deal with paper forms and cash/check at ALL.

  • Order reports make reconciling money easy.

  • Filter by category or product to get a quick look at what has sold.

  • Keep track of distribution, using the Mark Fulfilled option in your order details.

  • Easily print receipts to include with order delivery as needed.

  • Get low processing fees that you can cover or pass on to shoppers.

8. Mobile swipers make in-person payments awesome!

Before MemberHub: You had to collect cash and checks for in-person payment, and go to the bank for deposits, and do manual data entry.

With MemberHub: Use your mobile swiper to take payments anytime, anywhere! All payments show up directly in your account. Easy & supporters love it.

9. (For PTAs) All compliance tasks are built in.

Before MemberHub: Completing compliance tasks and recording memberships, officers, etc, was an offline process.

With MemberHub: It's easy to enter officers and complete and store compliance forms.

What's next?

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