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One magic feature that makes PTA/PTO life complete

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Virtual superstars: Are you leaving one of the best programs ever made for school fundraising groups on the table?

So you've got the virtual thing down.

Email, text, newsletters & website, check.

Online store & memberships, check.

Virtual fundraisers, check.

Great! But even the most tech-savvy PTAs/PTOs should take a closer look at one innovative feature that will simultaneously reduce your workload and supercharge support of your school.

MemberHub Givebacks is passive fundraising magic

Ever asked a local business to put their logo on your school spirit wear? Ever signed up for a grocery or retail rewards program that benefits your school with a small percentage of every purchase?

If yes, then you're familiar with these programs that are attractive to parents, because parents like:

  • Seeing local businesses (including their own!) support their child's school, and they'll patronize those businesses.

  • Supporting their school through everyday purchases, like groceries or items from national online retailers.

We've taken these same concepts and created a better model that means less work & no risk for your PTA/PTO, happy parents, and way more monetary support for your school.

MemberHub Givebacks is a feature in your e-store that allows you to:

  • Place special offers from businesses (including local businesses) in your e-store.

  • Reward parents & supporters with special savings on products and services they need and want.

  • Automatically earn up to 20% back on all purchases.

Compared with 0.5% to 4% on retail and grocery programs, this percentage back is a big step up. 

Bonus: You can easily search for and refer local businesses you love, and our team will do all the work to help them put together offers for your e-store. For every business that creates an offer, you'll get a $50 referral fee!

How to get started in MemberHub: Subscribe to GIvebacks in your e-store today to start featuring offers. Then, all parents have to do is visit your e-store and shop!

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