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MemberHub Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Make your organization’s online store the go-to holiday shopping destination for your supporters! While they get great deals on gifts, your PTA will get up to 20% back on each purchase. It’s a win-win!

Make sure you add all of the amazing items in the gift guide to your store. It’ll only take a few minutes! Look for the Holiday Gift Guide category in your Product Fundraiser section.

How to add product fundraiser items to your store >>

Once you've added all these product fundraiser items to your store, download the gift guide below and send it to your supporters with a link to your store. Here's how to create a QR code to make it even easier for families to get to your store.

Let them know they can sort by the Holiday Gift Guide category, and they can get amazing gifts for everyone on their list!

Get the MemberHub Holiday Gift Guide

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