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MemberHub FAQs: Officer Transitions

Updated: May 19

See below for some of the most frequent questions we hear about officer transitions. And don't hesitate to reach out if you have a question that isn't included.

I do not have access, and I can not log in. Please add me to the site.

The most common cause of this is that you were added to the organization by your state PTA under a different email. If you are currently trying to log in with a generic PTA email, please try a personal email address unique to you. All officers have their own login to MemberHub and are most commonly added under a personal email address.

If that does not help, please contact your fellow previous year officers. They can add you following these steps: How To Add An Officer

Or if you are unable to work with your previous officers, please contact your state PTA. They can assist you with access.

I am transitioning off the board of my PTA this year. How can I prepare my site for the new officers?

There are two super important steps to keep in mind that will make the transition much smoother from officer to officer.

  1. Add your incoming officers. How To Add An Officer

  2. Transfer your Stripe account, if its currently “owned” by a retiring officer. How to Change the Owner of Your Stripe Account

Other tips and tricks to follow can be found here: End of School: Prepare Your Site for the Next School Year

Old officers from our PTA are receiving order notifications and emails from customers about our store. How can I change who receives these?

Please go to your Store Management > Edit Store Settings > Notification Settings. Look at this list to see if anyone is checked off for receiving either type of notification and click the checkmark to un-check them. If no one is checked off, that means everyone on the list is receiving them. Choose the admins you want to get these notifications by clicking the X to make it a checkmark, in order to make sure only those admins receive them.

Old officers no longer on our board still have admin access to our site. How can I remove this?

Please go to your contacts page > search for the person > click the number next to their name to view their roles > click on the admin role > remove.

I need to grant admin access to a new officer or volunteer helping us with our site. How can I give them admin access?

Please go to your contacts page > search for the person > 3 dots at the end of the row> add role > and in the form choose the role name > admin > save.

Have questions? Reserve your spot for a live workshop or watch pre-recorded sessions.

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