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MemberHub FAQs: Messages and Memberships

See below for some of the most frequent questions we hear about messages and memberships. And don't hesitate to reach out if you have a question that isn't included.

How can I message a certain list of users?

If you have a certain list of users you wish to access, the simplest way to message them and also easily message the same list again in the future is via a hub.

If you do not have a hub setup for these users, start by following these instructions: Create and Set Up Hubs – MemberHub Help Center

Once you have a hub setup, you can message or send newsletters to only contacts in the hub by starting a new message (or newsletter) and under the recipient's option, choose hubs > then pick the hub from the list.

How can I message only my Members?

It is really easy to message only your current year members on MemberHub. To start, open a new message or newsletter. Under the recipients, section choose roles > member. Voila! This message will only go to your current year's members.

How do I use the prebuilt newsletters in MemberHub?

MemberHub makes it easy with a variety of prebuilt and completely customizable newsletters to engage your supporters. Learn how to use them here.

My unit is ready to sell memberships for next school year now. How can we add this option to the store?

MemberHub support can assist you with turning this on if your state PTA allows it. You can reach out to us at: Submit a request – MemberHub Help Center Please include your PTA’s name, state and the email address you use to login to MemberHub to help expedite the process.

How do I set up custom memberships in my online store?

The MemberHub store makes it easy for your supporters to purchase standard and customized PTA memberships online. Pro tip: use the built-in QR code maker to send fliers home with students to boost membership. Just click the three dots next to any membership type, choose copy QR code, then download the file to add to your flier. Check out this article to find out how to set up any type of membership you would like.

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