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MemberHub FAQs: Funds and Fundraisers

See below for some of the most frequent questions we hear about funds and fundraisers. And don't hesitate to reach out if you have a question that isn't included.

How can I extend my fundraiser and keep it open for donations to still be made?

You can't actually extend a fundraiser that has ended. So, the best thing to do in this situation is to go to your My campaigns > and click the 3 dots on the campaign image and click copy. Then edit the recreated fundraiser to make the needed changes. This copied campaign will have a new link. If you do not want to have to share a new link, you can go to the ended fundraiser and remove any custom link you added to that campaign and place that on the new fundraiser.

Can our organization really keep up to 100% of funds raised when we use MemberHub fundraisers?

Yes! You have several pricing options to choose from with MemberHub fundraisers. You can choose free pricing, where there is no platform fee and your supporters can leave an optional tip. In that model, your organization would only be responsible for a nominal credit card transaction fee (2.2% + $0.30 per transaction).

You can also choose percent pricing, where there is a 7.5% platform fee plus the transaction fees. You can choose to cover the fees yourself, pass them all on to your supporters, or choose a mix of both. If you choose to pass all fees on to your supporters, your organization would keep 100% of funds raised. If you need help setting up a fundraiser, meet quickly with an expert.

I tried to start a fundraiser with MemberHub for my organization, but it said you needed more information about my organization, or that my organization does not exist. Does that mean we cannot use MemberHub fundraisers?

Not at all. Our support team can get you added and started on MemberHub fundraisers. Please Submit a request here and we can help. Please include your organization name and email address you log into MemberHub with to help expedite the process.

Why did MemberHub withdraw funds from my bank account?

The most common answer to this question would be a payment of your state dues to your state PTA. Usually, it is the case that your unit paid state dues around the same time you saw these funds removed and the charge is actually this ACH payment. You can verify or check on this by going to your Members tab > State Dues payments and looking to see if there is a payment made within just a few days of the date you see the withdrawal. The amount listed on your state dues payments page would also be similar to the amount you saw withdrawn, with the withdrawn amount being $1 higher to cover the $1 fee.

Help! I do not see the button to make an ACH payment for state dues.

In order to submit your dues payment, you must be logged in as either the President or Treasurer using the email that is listed under Compliance>Officers for those roles. Please make sure you are logged in with this

If you are, and you are still not seeing the button, it's always good to verify you have current members entered. If you do not have current members entered, you cannot pay for them. If you need to enter members of your PTA sold offline, please do so by following these steps: Enter PTA Members (Cash/Check) – MemberHub Help Center

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