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Let's appreciate our teachers!

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-6

They really are superheroes, aren't they? It's been an exceedingly difficult 2 years for teachers, but they continue to give our kids everything they have. Let's show them we care! Here are some great teacher appreciation ideas.

Can't go wrong with crowdfunding

It may not be original, but what teachers could probably use most is a little bonus for their hard work that they can spend how they choose. You could run a simple crowdfunding campaign and split the proceeds among all of your teachers. Or, here's an idea: personalize it a little more and let supporters donate on behalf of their favorite teachers. And don't worry. It's not a competition. The amount each teacher raises can be hidden from public view. Play the video below to see an example campaign:

Use your online store to raise funds for your deserving teachers and staff

Easily create an item in your store for teacher appreciation, and share the link far and wide! It's a simple way to get your whole community involved in saying thank you to your hard-working heroes.

Stock their classrooms with books!

Teachers need new, inspiring books for their students that will encourage them to get back into reading after the Covid slide. Our partner, Bookelicious, is running a special deal for our PTAs right now:

  • Your PTA makes a bulk Bookelicious voucher purchase from your online store at a 10% discount.

  • You also get an additional 10% back directly to your PTA from that purchase.

  • Then, Bookelicious will do the legwork on sending out the individual gift cards for your deserving teachers.

Here's the easy how-to guide: Bookelicious Teacher Appreciation Gifts>>

Make it simple for parents with gifts that give back

We've set up a dedicated teacher appreciation category of product fundraisers for your online store. Coffee, sweet treats, home goods, gift cards, and more! Almost all of these chosen gifts will ship free directly to the recipient (or to the purchaser to then hand deliver to the teacher).

Plus, your school will get up to 20% back on each purchase! So, parents can support teachers and the school at the same time.

Pro tip: Let parents know you have last-minute gifts available. Bookelicious and Krispy Kreme digital gift cards can be sent to teachers' email addresses immediately. Parents can choose "Give as Gift" at checkout and they're all set!

Here's how:

  • If you're already subscribed to product fundraisers, this category of great gifts should automatically show up in your store.

  • And then all you have to do is promote it to the parents! It's a win-win all around. There are prebuilt teacher appreciation email templates ready for you. Add in the link to the teacher appreciation category, and they just have to click through, buy a gift for their favorite teacher, and you'll get up to 20% back on each purchase.

  • Also, share on social media!

  • Note: if you're subscribed to Product Fundraisers and don't see these awesome items, make sure in your Product Fundraiser settings, you have the two items under "Automatically Highlight Products" turned on. Moving forward, your organization will never miss new deals or categories of items!

  • And if you aren't yet subscribed to Product Fundraisers, what are you waiting for?

Low on funds? We understand.

If you and your supporters are running a little low on money this year, here's a cute idea for teacher appreciation that will barely cost a thing.

  • Recruit students of each teacher to record a short thank you video. Edit the clips together and you have one heck of a heartfelt film.

  • Host a potluck breakfast or lunch for your amazing teachers where you project the video. Your teachers will feel so loved and appreciated.

Want other ideas or need help with the ones above?

What does your school do for Teacher Appreciation Week? Let us know in the comments below!

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