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  • Corey Brausch

How to Turn Your Fundraiser Into a Live Virtual Event

Live events have always been an extremely popular way for nonprofits to increase visibility and support, and raise funds.

With social distancing guidelines in place, live events aren't a great option right now. BUT there's nothing stopping you from holding your event online! There are actually some great benefits to taking your live event online.

  • Holding a fully virtual fundraiser can help you reach a broader audience and increase the number of people who donate.

  • Virtual events serve as another way to engage donors who would not otherwise be able to attend the event, whether due to their location or your event’s capacity restrictions.

  • Online attendees can donate, bid, enter, and spread the word about your fundraiser. When people feel like they have an opportunity to truly be a part of your event, they are more likely to give.

Live stream your virtual event

You can add a live-streamed video to your MemberHub Fundraisers campaign using YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live, or Vimeo! Live-streamed video is useful for allowing viewers to follow along during:

  • Virtual events — Showcase speakers, awards, and entertainment while viewers bid on auction items and enter your raffle.

  • Virtual A-Thons — Stream your pushup-a-thon, spelling bee, or other contest to generate interest among your donors.

  • Virtual raffle/sweepstakes drawings — Capture viewers’ attention as you show the drawing of winners in real-time.

  • Virtual sales — Walk your audience through products available for sale and explain how their support will make a difference.

Check out our Online Event Guide for tips on running a successful event fundraiser. Keep your supporters engaged with this guide.

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