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Five key improvements your PTA/PTO should make for this school year

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Add virtual components to make your life easier and support your school this year - when your school needs it most.

We can all agree that 2020 is ... something else.

Because of that, your school and community need your PTA/PTO more than ever right now. If you're sending emails to parents and selling memberships online, you should feel good about getting online activities in place this year.

Adding these five virtual components can help you step up your game and step up support for your school this year.

1. Tailor your communication.

Why this is important: Once you're already communicating with all parents by email, look at targeting your communications, because parents love getting specific, relevant information from one predictable place. 

Why MemberHub? MemberHub can help, with easy "hubs" that you can set up for committees, grade levels, classrooms, and more. School staff and teachers also love hubs for things like classroom communication & school forms.

How to do it in MemberHub: Follow these step-by-step instructions.

2. Give your community a website to go to for information.

Why is this important? Families will want to hear from your PTA/PTO this year. Along with your other methods of communication (email, social media, text), creating a website for your organization will allow you to feature all your important announcements, memberships, and more.

Why MemberHub? An easy website builder is included in your MemberHub account! Here's why using it is the best:

  • It's included. No extra charges.

  • It's easy, with customizable pages and templates. No experience required.

  • It's integrated with your MemberHub account, so you can automatically feature memberships & items from your e-store, events, virtual fundraisers & more.

How to do it in MemberHub: Follow these step-by-step instructions.

3. Sell items other than memberships in your store.

Why is this important? Having a virtual option to purchase is a big deal for parents - this year in particular. Families want to show their school spirit with spirit wear, buy tickets to your virtual events, donate to your organization, and participate in seasonal programs.

Why MemberHub? You can sell anything in your e-store, including virtual tickets, spirit wear, memberships, teacher wish lists, etc - plus collect donations to help your school.

Bonus: Shoppers can simply click to buy items from your public website!

How to do it in MemberHub: Follow these steps to get started in your store and add items.

4. Start a virtual fundraiser.

Why is this important? PTAs/PTOs & boosters lost close to an estimated $1 billion in fundraising dollars in the spring. This fall, funds are in jeopardy again without in-person events like book fairs and fun runs.

Why MemberHub?

MemberHub's new virtual fundraisers are less intrusive than traditional options - and your school keeps at least 97% of the profits. You can run online raffles, a-thons, events, crowdfunding, auctions, sweepstakes and more! Supporters can give from any device by browser, text-to-give, and Apple Pay/Google Pay.

Bonus:  Easily highlight virtual fundraisers from your public website!

How to do it in MemberHub: Start by registering your organization on MemberHub Fundraisers.

5. Experience the wonder of built-in product fundraising.

Why is this important? This year, parents won't be comfortable with traditional fundraisers. They won't want to handle product fundraisers that move from hand to hand - and they'll be hesitant to purchase fundraiser products they really don’t want or need. Most organizations will be hesitant to ask parents to buy things they don't need. Plus - traditional fundraisers can take a lot of work & volunteer hours to pull off.

Why MemberHub? With MemberHub, you can use built-in product fundraisers that are quick, easy, and virtual. 

Product fundraisers in MemberHub allow you to:

  • Feature special offers from businesses in your e-store.

  • Reward parents with savings on goods and services they need.

  • Earn up to 20% back on all purchases.

How to do it in MemberHub: Just subscribe to product fundraisers in your e-store to start featuring offers.


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