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  • Corey Brausch

Contact-less without the FOMO

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

FOMO is real, everyone. Fear Of Missing Out is one of the main drivers for people to hop on an opportunity, but it is also an anxiety-filled emotion where people feel left out or unimportant.

With MemberHub, we make sure no one is left with FOMO.

MemberHub's Contactless Fundraisers & Membership Sales make it possible for everyone to participate in your school's fundraisers and join your organization from a social distance.


Simplify your fundraising with unique experiences that include a virtual audience.

Run raffles, a-thons, events, crowdfunding, auctions, sweepstakes, and more! You'll get the flexibility to create whatever you want, wherever you want.

With MemberHub Fundraisers, you can raise money from anywhere, such as the comfort of your couch watching Netflix ... and members can participate in these fundraisers from anywhere, like in the middle of grocery shopping.

Participants can remain contact-less but still be included. No FOMO here!

Already have a MemberHub account?

Store 2.0

Your e-store is super flexible, allowing you to sell anything and quickly promote items through social media. Sell custom and bundled memberships, spirit wear, event tickets, and more - and collect donations with preset and open donation fields. Manage it all with inventory controls and a performance dashboard.

That's right, no in-person booth display necessary. Sell what you want, when you want, where you want!

The sky is the limit!


No longer necessary: Keying in contact info & tinkering with spreadsheets... or in-person sign-up sheets.

Through your e-store, any type of organization can create and sell memberships online! How's that for saving time!

If your state PTA is partnered with MemberHub, your standard state membership types will come preloaded into your e-store. When people buy memberships, all their info is reported straight to your state PTA and you can remit dues with one click. No more data entry, cash or checks.

Set up memberships and create family/bundled memberships

Product Fundraisers

Feature special offers from businesses in your MemberHub e-store, and get up to 20% of all sales donated back.

Through product fundraisers in MemberHub, businesses offer special discounts on everyday family purchases, like meals out, kids' activities, home services, tutoring & more. You'll be rewarding your community with special savings & supporting local businesses while your organization earns passive funds to further your mission.

Already have a MemberHub account?

Hubs & Newsletters

No more late-night meetings.

Doesn't that sound awesome? Catch up on recent events, news, and more while spending time with loved ones, or while working from home.

Through hubs, you can communicate to select classrooms and/or grade levels. Talk about organization!

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