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All About CrowdFunding

You might not know it, but we're all familiar with crowdfunding. Think back to when you were scrolling through Facebook years ago and you saw a "GoFundMe" for Jimmy who's trying to raise money for his first car, Sara who wants to raise money for a local animal shelter or even Chad who lost a bet in a street race and is now asking people for help to pay off his speeding ticket (true story!).

Crowdfunding has come a long way, and it's now widely used to support nonprofit organizations and charities.

In the simplest of terms, crowdfunding is asking a lot of people to provide a little bit of monetary help. Each helping hand makes a difference!

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding refers to any effort to raise money with donations from a large number of people. ... In connection with nonprofits, crowdfunding happens through websites tailored to showcase specific projects or causes and accept donations, or in-person, arranged around high-energy, community-building events.” - National Council of Nonprofits

Crowdfunding, at its essence, is having many people work together for a greater cause. With MemberHub, you can crowdfund online to serve the needs of your nonprofit organization!

Visit our Support Center to check out the variety of help articles to help you along this crowdfunding adventure!

Crowdfunding with MemberHub

MemberHub's crowdfunding fundraisers are user-friendly, customizable ways to help you generate donations for your cause. We have several flexible options to help you reach your fundraising goals, including: 

  • Simple crowdfunding: Create a page to receive donations for your organization. Use this page to share a compelling story about your organization and how donations will be used to further your cause. Add images and video to further bring your story to life.

  • Crowdfunding with perks/rewards: Encourage people to donate at a higher level by offering merchandise or other incentives at different donation amounts.

  • Crowdfunding with team fundraising: Allow participants to join your fundraiser to help generate donations. This option works well for schools and other organizations that can benefit from having people participate in the fundraising without receiving donations per unit of activity, as in a-thon fundraisers. Learn more about team fundraising here.

How Crowdfunding Works

Once you've set up your crowdfunding page, simply invite supporters to participate and give, and promote your cause during the crowdfunding period.

Everything You Need to Know About Crowdfunding

  • "What you need to know about Crowdfunding" breaks down all the key points of what you need to know before you start your crowdfunding project.

  • Not sure if crowdfunding is the right fundraiser for you? MemberHub has a variety of fundraising options for you such as: Raffles, Events, Crowdfunding, Sweepstakes, and Auctions. View more information and the list of fundraising options.

  • Now, the question is, “How can I make sure our Crowdfunding fundraiser will be a success?" Guess what? We have tips for that!

Log in today to set up your Crowdfunding page>>

How to complete your one-time account setup with MemberHub Fundraisers.

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