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Simplify your fundraising with unique experiences that include a virtual audience.
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Boost participation among supporters with your creative a-thon fundraiser - walk-a-thons, read-a-thons, or anything-a-thons.

Effortless fundraising

Take pledges per-lap, per-hour, per-anything. Add unlimited participants and manage your goals and donations from a single dashboard.

Simple pledges

Your supporters enjoy a simple checkout experience when pledging. They can choose easy per-unit pledge or make a flat donation.

Automated collection

No more manually collecting funds! When your a-thon fundraiser ends, the platform automatically charges your supporters.

Create a branded page for your a-thon fundraiser.

Add teams and leaderboards to inspire competition.

Run any a-thon imaginable with unlimited participants.

Make your a-thon one-of-a-kind

Maximize pledges

Increase pledges with social sharing and dedicated links.

Automate everything from pledge collections to emails.

Inspire action with prizes attached to pledge goals.


How much does it cost?

Fundraisers are included with your MemberHub account, and give you flexibility when it comes to platform fees. Choose between free or percent-pricing options for your next fundraiser.
Flat fee
Stripe will deduct 2.2% + $0.30 to process each credit card transaction. You can cover that fee or pass it on to purchasers. 

"Within 7 days, we had exceeded our $40,000 budget. And that budget was for computers for children. ... And now, we're able to give that gift to the children through the PTA and MemberHub."

- PTA Leader

"It's so easy. You just go to the MemberHub site and you can donate any increment that you want, and it's all tax deductible - and it goes to supporting all children. ... We met our goal of $20,000 in about 4 weeks."

- PTA Leader

"What sets us apart from the old, generic fundraising, like the wrapping paper or the chocolates ... all of the fundraising that we do goes directly to the school."

- PTA Leader

no-fuss fundraising

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