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It's time to fundraise the right way.

Lower fees? Yes, please. Keep almost 100% of fundraiser profits. 

Online Jog-a-thon
Mobile phone with online fundraiser
With MemberHub, you'll get a full suite of fundraisers, including:
Classics you know and love
Creative product fundraisers
Teacher appreciation
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You choose
Flat fee

Sometimes free pricing isn’t a good fit – for instance, when a sponsor covers the costs or you don’t want supporters prompted for tips after checkout. 


Percent pricing is an alternative! A fixed 7.5% is applied to each donation, and you decide who covers the cost.


There are zero platform fees when you use our free pricing model for crowdfunding, events, raffles, sweepstakes & a-thons. Optional tips from supporters at checkout allow us to offer the platform free of charge.

There are no subscriptions, no contracts, and no upfront cost. Our free pricing helps you keep nearly 100% of the funds you raise.

Stripe will deduct 2.2% + $0.30 to process each credit card transaction (3.5% + $0.50 for American Express). You can cover that fee or pass it on to purchasers. 
Keep more, work less, and best-in-class customer support
Spend less time managing everything and minimize the need for volunteers with online donations, communications, and self-management for participants.

Collect payments online - no paper forms or cash and checks! Integrated donor reporting saves you time & energy.


Go all-virtual  or increase your reach for in-person events with way less work.

You've already planned for next year. Just duplicate the fundraiser next year and you're good to go.

Keep more of the money you raise

A full suite of fundraisers is all included in your MemberHub account - no need to buy more software.​

No set-up fees! You won't pay anything or give up any of the funds you raise after you set up and run your fundraiser.

Low processing fees and the option for zero platform fees make MemberHub fundraisers the most competitively priced option on the market.

Keep almost 100% of what you raise

Fundraisers are included with your MemberHub account, and give you flexibility when it comes to platform fees that help cover software development costs. Choose between free or percent-pricing options for your next fundraiser.
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"Our PTA did a virtual fundraiser through Memberhub in March. It was a huge success! We raised 145% of our goal."

- Anne P., PTA President

"It was so awesome to run our event through MemberHub. We got great feedback on how much better of a user experience there was over last year when we did the fundraising through a company that only does FunRun fundraisers."

- Whitney B., PTA Leader

Smart tools that power the cause you love

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