Features made for PTA, PTO & booster club success

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All the tools you need to get the job done are connected to your secure, private contact list.





No longer necessary: Keying in contact info & tinkering with spreadsheets.

In MemberHub, you get a dynamic contact list, rich with information about your contacts' activity & participation. The list is directly connected to step-by-step tools for setting up events, fundraisers, newsletters & more. 

  • Let your contacts build your list for you!  Supporters can easily buy memberships online & request site access, and they'll add their own information to fill out your database.​

  • Empower your contacts to manage their own data, profile visibility, and notification preferences.​

  • MemberHub is not just for members. Communicate across your community to recruit new members & volunteers.​

  • Provide a searchable directory to connect your supporters.

Having an up-to-date contact database has eliminated many errors and given us authentic data. All of the communication features have been one of the best parts of MemberHub. We have been able to send out fliers, forms, reminders, messages, and have kept our calendar up to date. Communicating with members has been strengthened through MemberHub.”

- Maria A., PTA President


Let them think you had an event planner.

Create events that are fun and meaningful for your organization - without all the legwork.

  • You don’t have to be an expert. Follow simple steps to create, schedule & promote events.​

  • Delight volunteers and event participants by sending them to one place to get information, sign up to help, and buy items & tickets for the event. ​

The store is very easy to use. Report downloading is easy. I love how easy it is to pay the state dues for PTA membership. I like the new option of adjustable price with a set minimum. We collect funds for PTA membership, donations, sport wear, after school, school festivals. Anything we need.”

- Katrina S., PTA Treasurer


Plug & play fundraisers are better than reinventing the wheel.

You don’t have to be an expert. MemberHub gives you many ways to raise funds - from "no-fuss" fundraisers in your e-store to our exclusive SponsorShare program.

  • Make it easy for people to contribute, with online payments, and mobile accounting support (coming in 2019).​

  • Give parents a single “storefront” to buy memberships and support multiple PTA fundraisers and cross-selling.​

  • Custom and bundled memberships in your e-store make great "no-fuss" fundraisers

The online store has been a game changer for our parents and PTSA volunteers. We moved to a giving campaign to fund the majority of our organization this year, and the online store allowed parents the ease of visiting the familiar store site to make their donation from $1 to $1,000.


We have also utilized the store to manage our spirit wear inventory, sales and fulfillment. Using the online store has saved volunteer hours by spending less time at school collecting paper forms, and has also simplified efforts for our treasurer by reducing cash bank deposits.”

- Laura S., PTSA President


Make it easy to pay!

Flexibility, speed, and security help your fundraisers, events, and campaigns succeed with flying colors.

  • Make it easy for your supporters to pay online with your own e-store.​

  • Centralize your payment processing to save time and reduce errors with cash and checks. ​

  • Create a single system of record for your organization's finances - making it easier for your treasurer to reconcile and report.

  • Keep 100% of the money you raise in your school with flexible fees settings.

What I love the best about MemberHub is that I don't have to run into school constantly to pick up checks and order forms for science olympiad, chess or any other after school program. People are taking care of orders and signups themselves, and taking care of payment (and fees).”


- Lori L., PTA President


Get your message across & make your life easier.

Get better responses to your communication with combined email and text messaging that goes straight to your contact database in MemberHub. 

  • Cut down email fatigue by targeting messages to individuals, classes, grade levels, clubs, teams, and more.

  • Create newsletter templates for professional communication that gets your supporters' attention.​

  • Collaborate with other leaders in the cloud to produce & approve newsletters.​

  • Simplify your schedule with automatic email distribution.​

  • Understand how many people are reading your messages with analytics like open rates.​

  • Delight your community with one predictable source for your important information and requests.

Memberhub is such a time saver! The weekly PTA newsletter used to take me 2 hours to put together, but with MemberHub I get it done in half the time! Plus, it looks professional and is easy to read. I’m so glad we switched to Memberhub!”

- PTA Communications Chair


Quickly understand the health of your organization with a master view of your group's activities & successes.

  • An easy-to-understand dashboard shows activity across your organization’s communications, fundraising, memberships, and events.​

  • Quick and actionable insights help you take smart steps toward your goals.​

  • Manage all the tools, people, and processes needed to run your organization from one account. You'll get:

    • Master settings for all users and admins

    • Permissions & role assignment

    • Contact list administration

    • Electronic payment account settings

    • Organization-wide custom fields and views

    • Site access permissions

    • Subscription & storage limits and controls

We must have parent support, involvement and engagement to fulfill our mission. MemberHub has helped our organization execute our mission this school year on every level! Through the online store, signups and communication capabilities, we have successfully leveraged our access to MemberHub to help us accomplish our goals.”

- Laura S., PTSA President


10,000 PTAs can't be wrong.

Get up and running in half the time

MemberHub’s digital adoption engine makes it effortless to use your new tools right away. Proactive, step-by-step guidance eases the pain of learning a new tool and helps you complete tasks right when you need to.

Everything plays nicely.

No more uploading your contacts into five different platforms to accomplish a job.

In MemberHub, when you set up an event, fundraiser, or newsletter, you'll have everything you need -- calendars, communications, signups, and online payments. You can seamlessly engage your community, all within MemberHub.

Leave a legacy & smooth yearly transitions.

Just by using MemberHub, you'll build an archive of communications, events, signups, fundraisers, and contacts that future leaders can reuse.

Year by year, your organization will build upon best practices and create new  knowledge that benefits your mission.

How it works


Set your group up for success.

  • Get your helpers on board.

  • Get ready to take funds online.

  • Import your contacts.


Get ready to grow.

  • Create your e-Store to sell memberships & spirit wear.

  • Start collecting donations!


Open up access!

  • Invite your supporters to shop and sign up. 

  • Start engaging with email & text messaging.