Your contact list builds itself 
It's easy to keep track of all the people in your organization and how they are related to your organization with your dynamic contact list

No longer necessary: Keying in contact info & tinkering with spreadsheets 

  • Every time supporters make a purchase in your e-store or donate to your fundraiser, they're automatically saved in your contact list.
  • Import, download, and quickly find your contacts.
  • See how people are related with family view.


  • Make and save customized lists of people you can message.

  • People can control whether they want to share their phone, email or address with the Directory.

  • Make year-end transitions easier with roles that can automatically expire at the end of the school year.

For membership organizations, this is the better way to manage your members

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"Having an up-to-date contact database has eliminated many errors and given us authentic data. All of the communication features have been one of the best parts of MemberHub. We have been able to send out fliers, forms, reminders, messages, and have kept our calendar up to date. Communicating with members has been strengthened through MemberHub.”

- PTA President

"We must have parent support, involvement and engagement to fulfill our mission. MemberHub has helped our organization execute our mission this school year on every level! Through the online store, signups and communication capabilities, we have successfully leveraged our access to MemberHub to help us accomplish our goals.”

- PTSA President

“When I was introduced to MemberHub, I thought to myself, 'How is this different than what I’m already doing to communicate with parents?' I heard it made communicating easier so I thought I would give it a try. Within days of using MemberHub and setting up my contacts, I realized how easy it is to navigate my hub and communicate with families instantly."

- Teacher

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