Givebacks for the win-win-win

Feature special offers from businesses in your MemberHub e-store, and get up to 20% of all sales donated back.

Meaningful Offers

Reward your community with special savings on everyday family purchases, like meals out, kids' activities, home services, tutoring & more.

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Givebacks is not available for European PTAs.

How it works

Subscribe to Givebacks Offers.

Every week, you'll receive special offers & savings on family purchases to place in your e-store.

Your Supporters Shop, Save & Support You.

Your supporters get great savings in your e-store - plus the added satisfaction that they're supporting your cause.

Get Up To 20% Donated Back on Every Sale.

This is a win-win way to boost local businesses while raising  passive funds. No extra work required. No strings attached.

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Givebacks is like grocery & retail rewards programs, but bigger.

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No more...

  • Constantly asking supporters to link their accounts.
  • Complicated signups or data entry.
  • Cutting or scanning box tops.
Other loyalty programs
  • 0.5% retail loyalty

  • 2%-4% on grocery brand items*

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Up to 20% of all sales are donated back to your organization.

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Givebacks illustration
Givebacks illustration
Givebacks illustration
Givebacks illustration
Givebacks illustration

*Percentages typically not listed.

Givebacks offers focus on families & local communities

We created Givebacks to help nonprofits raise money for their causes while providing families in their community with products and services that enrich family life and support local businesses.

Givebacks enriches student education

Resources that enrich the educational experience of K-12 kids & parents, and help students reach their full potential:

  • Online/remote learning

  • Adult learning

  • Tutoring

  • Music, art, and theater

  • Educational products and games

  • Educational print materials

Enrich student education
Givebacks promotes healthy living

Products and services that encourage and promote healthy lifestyles:

  • Fitness

  • Healthcare

  • Kids’ athletics

  • Mental health 

  • Healthy foods

Promote healthy living
Givebacks creates family experiences

Experiences and activities that help bring families together:

  • Family vacations

  • Restaurants & dining

  • Kids’ activities & attractions

  • Camps

  • Sports

  • After-school activities

Create family experiences
Givebacks enriches & supports families

Products and services that help enrich and support families:

  • Parenting resources

  • Childcare

  • Household products & services

  • Kids’ safety

  • Family games

Enrich & support families
Givebacks supports local businesses

Local businesses that employ and serve those in their own community:

A variety of types of local/community-based businesses!

Local  businesses

Frequently asked questions

What is Givebacks?

Givebacks is an easy way to raise passive money for your cause. You can place special offers from businesses in your e-store - things families use regularly, like $20 for $40 worth of pizza, or 30% off an online learning session. Then, your cause gets up to 20% donated back on every purchase. Givebacks is included in your MemberHub e-store, and there's nothing you have to learn. No extra work required. No strings attached. Seriously.

How does it work?

1. Subscribe. Every week, you'll get offers & savings specially crafted for your community, from businesses that want to support your organization. 2. Place offers in your e-store. Your supporters can easily shop your e-store, get great deals on everyday family purchases, and support your organization! 3. Get up to 20% donated back. Up to 20% of all Givebacks sales in your e-store are donated back to your organization. This is a win-win way raise passive revenue for your organization and delight your supporters with great offers. No extra work required. No strings attached. Seriously. Givebacks is a feature of your MemberHub account and e-store. Log in to subscribe today.

What's the catch?

There is no catch. MemberHub is in this business to make things better. We designed Givebacks so everyone wins. We collect a fee from businesses to cover costs - and we'll never charge you to use Givebacks.

  • You are in 100% control of placing offers in your e-store.
  • MemberHub NEVER sells or shares personal data.
  • This is an excellent way to connect your community with special local offers!
  • Shoppers are notified that your organization doesn't officially endorse any business, product or service offered.

Will I be able to control which offers go in my e-store?

Always! On New Offer Thursdays, you'll get an email notifying you about new offers to place in your e-store, and you can visit your Store Admin page in MemberHub at any time to check out offers and recommend local businesses.

How much money will my organization get from Givebacks?

Your organization will get up to 20% of all Givebacks offer sales donated back. That's compared to traditional retail and grocery loyalty programs, which typically give back from 0.5% to 4% on sales of select products.

Does Givebacks cost anything?

No - there's no cost for your organization to use Givebacks! Givebacks is another great feature of your MemberHub account and e-store. We cover our costs by collecting a fee from businesses. We will never charge our users to take advantage of the Givebacks feature.

How will my organization get the money?

Givebacks funds will be delivered directly into your MemberHub Stripe account.

How should I account for Givebacks proceeds?

MemberHub is email marketing and commerce platform with a social purpose. Businesses market their products and services through our wholly owned platform to the users of our software. As part of MemberHub’s social mission, we donate a defined percentage of our marketing sales to nonprofits. Proceeds your organization receives from MemberHub from sales of offers through Givebacks should be characterized as a contribution from MemberHub. Disclaimer: This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.

How do businesses find my organization?

The MemberHub team does all the work securing merchants who want to create offers and give back to your organization. We've just released an easy, fun tool in your MemberHub account for you to search and recommend your favorite local businesses! When you recommend local businesses, our team will invite them to participate in Givebacks. We'll help them craft great offers for your e-store. We also encourage you to ask your supporters for recommendations!

Do I have to do anything to use Givebacks?

Givebacks is already part of your MemberHub account - just log in to MemberHub and subscribe in your e-store. Then, email your supporters and invite them to shop your Givebacks Offers, and share with your social networks. The more people purchase offers, the more passive revenue you raise for your organization.

How long do I have to place a Givebacks offer in my e-store?

You have 11 days to approve or deny an Offer. If you don't make a decision within 11 days, the offer will be automatically added.

How do I introduce Givebacks to my supporters?

Spread the word with one click & launch Givebacks to your supporters In your MemberHub account, you can customize a prewritten email and send it to your contacts, inviting them to shop Givebacks in your e-store. Once you send the email, you've launched Givebacks, and everything goes on autopilot:

  • On New Offer Thursdays, you will get an email from MemberHub letting you know to check out new offers you can place in your e-store.
  • Then, on Givebacks Tuesdays, your contacts will get a system auto-notification inviting them to shop your new Givebacks while supporting your organization.

​​How will I know if an item is sold?

Coming soon: You'll get an activity report every month that details e-store transactions and the total amount your organization received.

How do I get my business involved?

Any business can visit to learn more and contact us. If you have a MemberHub account, you can also simply recommend your own business in our easy, fun tool that allows you to search for and recommend your favorite local businesses! When you recommend businesses that your community loves, our team will invite them to participate in Givebacks. We'll help them craft great offers for your e-store.

I've been waiting for this type of program for 3 years. This is good. This is better than good. This is great."

PTA Leader

The school wins and the business wins, and it’s just fabulous.” 

Seshu S.

Ligon Magnet Middle School

This is a way we can decrease asking families for money and leverage the businesses in our community who really want to help and are eager to give.”

Laura S.

Leesville Road Middle School

If you already have a MemberHub account, log in to subscribe to Givebacks in your e-store.
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