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  • No set-up fees! You won't pay anything or give up any of the funds you raise in exchange for help setting up and running your fundraiser. A volunteer leader who has done this before will help you from end to end.
  • Low processing fees and the option for zero platform fees make MemberHub fundraisers the most competitively priced option on the market.
  • You'll get best-in-class technology with a full suite of virtual fundraisers and creative product fundraisers, all included in your MemberHub account.
  • Choose from fabulous prizes - with no upfront cost. Use your own prizes or pick one out from our partner. Browse prizes >>
  • Reach more people and raise more money with virtual fundraisers built for the 21st century. These are fundraisers you know and love, and updated versions of traditional favorites - but better.
  • Spend less time managing everything and minimize the need for volunteers with online payments, communications, and self-management for participants.
  • Integrated donor reporting saves your treasurer time and energy.
  • Go completely virtual or supplement your in-person event with virtual fundraising tools to reach more people and raise more with less work.
  • You don't have to learn another platform. It's all in MemberHub!
  • You've already planned for next year. Simply duplicate the fundraiser next year and you're good to go! 
Get your first volunteer with MemberHub. A volunteer leader and fundraising expert will guide you from start to finish to run an amazing fundraiser.
We've done this thousands of times, and we'll show you exactly how to run a smooth and successful fundraiser. That means we'll help you strategize, plan, and complete all the little and big things that need to get done, like emails, setup, management etc.
DIYer? Get everything you need to do it on your own with our comprehensive fundraising guides.
We are here for you - and we won't take any of the funds you raise in exchange for expert help.

"Within 7 days, we had exceeded our $40,000 budget. And that budget was for computers for children. ... And now, we're able to give that gift to the children through the PTA and MemberHub."

- PTA Leader

"It's so easy. You just go to the MemberHub site and you can donate any increment that you want, and it's all tax deductible - and it goes to supporting all children. ... We met our goal of $20,000 in about 4 weeks."

- PTA Leader

"What sets us apart from the old, generic fundraising, like the wrapping paper or the chocolates ... all of the fundraising that we do goes directly to the school."

- PTA Leader

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