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The Future of
School Support Organization

Save your school district time and frustration by automating compliance and fundraising approvals for Booster Clubs, Foundations, PTA, PTO, and even schools.
SSO Compliance Dashboard.png
Easily manage officer contact information from a single portal.
Direct access and oversight for Principals and/or District Staff of each organization. 
Track approved fundraisers through the MemberHub platform.
 Take advantage of MemberHub's automated processes for SSO creation, year-end documentation, and more.
Approve and reject workflow requests within an online fundraiser 
approval platform.
Best-in-class fundraising system with no software costs and the lowest transaction fees in the U.S.

Easily enter fundraiser approvals for your school through the MemberHub compliance platform and manage approvals transparently and automatically throughout your organization.

From fundraiser submission to principal or district office approval, MemberHub makes tracking the process a breeze, saving you time and headaches. 

SSO Compliance MemberHub (4).png

Long gone are the days of manually scanning and managing paper trails!

In the Compliance Section of your dashboard, the finance department can easily approve or reject all submissions from one secure cloud-based platform.
They can also view exportable reports that show the status of each compliance area and attach specific officers to each individual submission, ensuring simple communication and accountability.

Take advantage of MemberHub's automated processes for SSO, year-end documentation, and more today!

Smart tools that power the cause you love

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