Welcome to Bark + MemberHub!

Through this program, your PTA can give school families a special deal on Bark subscriptions & passively earn money for the life of the subscription.

Bark is an affordable, award-winning service that proactively monitors your children’s electronics for potential safety concerns, so busy parents can save time and gain peace of mind.

Help Keep Kids Safe & Passively Raise Funds for Your School

How it works:

  • Sign up below to get a special Bark discount for your school families. Your PTA will get everything you need to promote and communicate about the program to families - sample emails, social-sharing content, fliers, and more.  

  • When families purchase subscriptions through your PTA's landing page, your PTA receives a donation of $1 per month, per subscription, for the life of the subscription! At $12 per signup annually, this can add up fast year after year.

  • Your PTA gets 5 free subscription gift cards! You can use them to try out the service yourself, reward volunteers, or give out to families. 

  • There's absolutely NO obligation. This is a simple affiliate program that provides great value to families and gives your PTA a chance to raise passive funds.

View this video for an example of how Bark + MemberHub passively raises more money each year with no volunteer work!

Sign Up to Provide a Special Deal for Families, Raise Funds, and Get Free Subscriptions
After you sign up, we will send your PTA's dedicated landing page, promotional materials you can use to communicate about the program to your school families, and 5 FREE subscriptions!
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