School & IT Administrators

MemberHub is safe, secure, and trusted by 10,000 PTAs.

Site access by approval only

Only people approved by site admins can access your organization's MemberHub site. 

We don't solicit your members

MemberHub doesn't solicit members of your organization. We only contact site admins about features, products, etc.

Users have control over their data

Users are empowered to manage all their personal information, notification settings, and visibility.

We never sell or share user data

MemberHub never sells contact lists, or shares personally identifiable information. See terms of use and privacy policy.

Maintains compliance with FERPA standards

Because users control their profile visibility, the system maintains compliance with FERPA standards.

We secure your data

MemberHub takes every commercially available opportunity to maintain the privacy & security of user data & financial info. 

Secure payment processing

WePay, a Chase Bank-owned company, is MemberHub’s payment processor. WePay uses bank-level security to protect financial information. 

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