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We're innovating to help causes and their communities thrive


We started out as a membership management software company, serving K-12 parent groups (like PTAs and PTOs), associations, schools, churches, and other nonprofit organizations. We've talked to thousands of nonprofit leaders, learned about their causes, and saw the challenges they faced with community engagement and fundraising.

We saw some trends, like:

  • Paper forms

  • Cash and check

  • Binders stuffed with outdated instructions

  • 10 cobbled-together, free apps

  • Data entry, export, upload ... rinse & repeat

  • Mailing membership cards 

  • Business sponsorships that deliver no tangible results

  • Aggravated parents and stressed volunteers

MemberHub alleviates all of that pain.

We help organizations work smarter, communicate better, and raise more money. We provide best-in-class software to over 12,800 K-12 parent organizations, representing over 2.9 million parents.


We don't share or sell data, and we make money when our users make money - from a small transaction fee on purchases.

We've recently gone even further to help organizations grow in new ways. Our Givebacks platform has reinvented the way businesses, causes, and supporters derive value from what has always been a mutually beneficial relationship.  


Local, regional and national businesses want to reach new customers and support causes their customers care about. Through Givebacks, businesses can directly support good causes in their communities and grow their business by offering special savings to cause supporters through MemberHub e-stores.

The best part is that everyone benefits:

  • Cause supporters get special savings on products and services they can actually use, plus the added satisfaction of supporting their favorite cause.

  • Causes get up to 20% back on every purchase.

  • Businesses get new customers while supporting good causes.

Why, you ask?

Because we're also supporters of organizations dedicated to important causes. We are a small team of real humans who care about connecting businesses, causes, and supporters to make the world better. Working on a cause like ours makes it awesome to get up and go to work every day.

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