We're dedicated to furthering your mission through technology - to benefit schools and children.


We don't operate like most tech companies. We're in this business to develop software, but we're also in it because we're parents of school-age children, and we understand the profound need for greater levels of funding for schools, the arts, extracurriculars -- all activities that improve outcomes and develop children into well-rounded young adults.

We want to help. That's what drives us. It's why we offer software that's custom-made for your success. We also do payment processing differently in our e-store. We give site admins the flexibility to absorb fees or pass them on to buyers, giving their organizations free payment processing. We don't want to limit nonprofit fundraising groups - we want to untether them to achieve more and keep up with the pace of modern fundraising.

What better place to invest our time and energy than our schools and children? We're thrilled to have helped parent-teacher groups in 10,000 schools to engage their communities and raise funds.


As the largest, fastest-growing cloud software platform powering nonprofit parent-teacher groups, we're moving fast to realize that dream and expand even further to support our communities and close funding gaps to benefit children across the country.

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